The McLaren is the best chassis! Or is it?

For a while, Boullier, racing director at McLaren F1, has been saying that they have "best chassis". However, some people have disagreed with this. Gary Anderson who writes for is saying

"this is not just a very good chassis being let down by the engine"

After he observed the McLaren drivers struggling at the Barcelona test. Well, the few times they actually finished a lap that is.

McLaren has been fast to blame Honda for their short comings. "Too low power", "no driveability", "Honda needs to embrace F1 culture", etc. While I don't think anybody would argue that the Honda engine is not the worst engine on the grid right now, I do not think it is entirely fair to blame it all on Honda. The McLaren is slow mid corners as well where mechanical grip and aero downforce are more important than simple BHP. 

The cherry on top was when Alonso retired a few laps from the end of the race due to "suspension problems". Probably Honda's fault too I guess.

Suspension problems on the perfect chassis? When will McLaren stop blaming Honda for everything and start getting their act together?

In case you are wondering how the McLaren is doing today:

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