Monza Module Designs

Monza module files are available for download here. These are free to use for anybody and are made to work on 3.5" Nextion modules.

Porsche 911 style Nextion screen:


  • Time Difference
  • Lap Time
  • Fuel Level
  • Fuel Remaining (Laps)
  • Oil Pressure
  • Oil Temperature







  1. To install a new screen to your Monza module copy the .HMI file to the SD card and copy the .hmistruct and .ini files to the NextionTemplate folder inside simhub. Make sure to delete or cut-paste the old file onto your computer. The SD card can only have ONE .HMI file!
  2. Put the SD card back into the Monza module and plug in the USB.
  3. Let the module update the firmware. Plug out the USB and remove the SD card.
  4. The firmware has been updated.
  5. Don't forget to select the new files in simhub under Plugins > Nextion display.